Registration with Disability Services.

To start the process of registration with Disability Services please follow the instruction below.

To begin registration with the office you must log on to the student portal and click the option to register with Disability Support Services.

To complete your registration with Disability Services you must provide evidence of a disability which will support a request for any reasonable accommodation you may require at University.

If you made a DARE (Disability Access Route to Education)  application through the CAO the University of Limerick can access your evidence of disability so there is no need for you to supply your documentation again.

If you are supplying evidence of disability please ensure that it is from a relevant medical consultant/specialist. General Practitioner letters will not suffice for evidence of disability.

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia) should provide an educational psychologists report which clearly states that you have a specific learning difficulty and must include relevant test scores. (The report should preferably be not more than five years old)

If you would like to email your evidence of disability you may scan your documentation and send it to . Otherwise you can bring your documents to the Disability Services Administration office which is located in the main building (EM019)

If your documentation is sufficient you will be invited to a needs assessment to determine your supports. You will be expected to sign a code pf practice (put link in) which outlines your rights and responsibilities in receiving reasonable accommodations.

Need Assessment meeting will involve:

Checking your personal details

Gathering some relevant background information about you as a learner

Discussing the demands of your course

Discussing assistive technology needs

Deciding on reasonable examination accommodations

Discussing your social and personal needs

Answering any questions you may have


All information that you provide is completely confidential. With your permission information regarding your requirements will be sent to relevant people. Disability Services will not divulge the nature of your disability to anyone. In the case of medical alert conditions such as epilepsy we will expect that you allow us to make people aware with your permission.

Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS)

Your accommodations will be agreed at the needs assessment and a LENS (Learning Educational Needs Summary) will be sent to relevant staff.  It is vital that each student checks their LENS report to make sure all accommodations are in place. Here is an example of a file. Our exam file cannot be changed after week five of semester so checking the LENS information is extremely important to ensure that you are accommodated correctly. If you think an adjustment needs to be made you must inform DSS immediately.

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