Sandrine Ndahiro

Equality Chairperson

Sandrine Ndahiro is an English Ph.D. student. Sandrine’s research centers on third-generation African writers, such as Afrofuturists, who have emerged during the era of late liberalism and who have introduced multiple and nuanced perspectives for reflecting on African lives and aspirations. She recently co-produced a documentary entitled Unsilencing Black Voices which details personal stories and accounts by members of the black community in Ireland.

Her role within the PSU is as an Equality Officer. She hopes to highlight the need to shine a light on all the voices in the wider community of UL. She hopes that all the students feel that their voices and ideas are seen, heard, and appreciated.

What Sandrine Does:
  • Strives to make UL a better place
  • Stands up against inequality
  • She is here to fight for you if you encounter anything that you shouldn’t have
  • Promotes equality on campus


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