Taighde Dámh Chruinne Éireann
A peer-based postgradruate forum for the Ar

Established in 2018, Taighde Dámh Chruinne Éireann is a supportive, student run, community for researchers of any discipline who interact, in some capacity, with the arts. Within this community, it is our intention to facilitate in discussions, peer support, and problem solve, based on common interest. We provide an outlet of relief and contemplation for the lives of busy researchers and artists, as well as a forum to communicate and share knowledge of forthcoming opportunities of academic engagement in terms of upcoming conferences, workshops, lectures, financial aid, performance interaction, and career advancement.

In addition to regular meetings with fellow postgraduate students working in a variety of research areas, to stimulate mutual exchange, we host several special events and workshops each semester on a variety of topics. We try to bring in the wonderful bank of knowledge held within the faculty and administration halls of the University of Limerick, and take advantage of the expertise of guest lecturers and tutors.

Our Aims and Objectives, as a peer based forum, are as follows:

  1. To create a platform for communication and support for the UL postgrad community;
  2. To share potential information on upcoming conferences, journals, and funding resources;
  3. To provide a space for presentations and knowledge sharing, including between early researchers, such as first year students, and more experienced researchers, such as fourth year researchers and/or faculty members;
  4. To hold literature talks regarding some general publications or subjects;
  5. To provide a meeting space for music making and dancing, as a place to embody our research focuses.

Since March 19th, especially, we have engaged in supporting researchers in forming a community using online resources including our private Facebook Group, online ‘virtual’ coffee mornings, an online book club and engagements designed to support research through the COVID-19 era.

If you have any questions, or would like to join the forum, you can email one of our core members:

Chairperson: Ian O’Connor (ian.oconnor@ul.ie)

Secretary: Colm Kelly (colm.kelly@ul.ie)
Public Relations Officer: Morgan Senter (morgan.senter@ul.ie)
Events Management Officer: Anthony Cahill (anthony.cahill@ul.ie


The KBS PhD students are a group of researchers who support each other through their PhD journey. Monthly Colloquia are held to discuss topics relevant to the process of the PhD, as well as Wellbeing and Career Development. We also offer each other peer support with the day to day challenges of teaching and researching.


EMerge PhD network – is an informal and interdisciplinary peer-support network and supportive space for PhD students at the University of Limerick (UL). The purpose of the network will be to provide a space for PhD students to connect informally with peers, participate in relevant events, and to receive information about other support structures available to PhD students around the UL campus.

The new committee for the EMerge PhD network is as follows: Meghan Gilfoyle, Dylan Scanlon, and Mairead C. Conneely. There will be a call for additional committee members across all UL Faculties in the coming weeks via the Teams site.

If you are a PhD student are would like to be part of this network, you are invited to join the online Teams site here.


There are over 40 PhD students in the law school. Here is a PHD Information Booklet with useful information. There is also a WhatsApp group for any law PhD students who would like to join but it is an informal group and the official means of communication is by email. For more details please visit https://www.ul.ie/artsoc/postgraduate-research . There is also a FAHSS bi-weekly Virtual Coffee Chat organised by Dr Niamh.Lenahan niamh.lenahan@ul.ie.


The Young Engineers and Scientists of the Bernal Institute (YESBernal) is a committee of PhD students and PostDocs set up in the Bernal Institute in February 2019. The group is focused on supporting all researchers within the Bernal in different aspects. 

YESBernal strives to encourage researchers to move from being an individual contributor to being part of a highly interactive group. They’ve created a space to discuss and share experiences and provide support to researches initiatives. 

They organise and host events monthly, inviting a variety of speakers from a range of fields: Research, Industry, and Academia. The group strives to give researchers different opportunities and develop their skills in a high-performing environment, optimising their research experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the team please contact YESBernal@ul.ie.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/yesbernal/about/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bernalinstitute/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yesbernal2