PhD and Research Officer

PhD and Research Officer  

Job advert: July 2, 2021

Close of applications: July 8, 2021

Interviews: July 22, 2021

Start date: August 2, 2021

TITLE OF POST: PhD and Research Officer

LOCATION: University of Limerick Postgraduate Students’ Union

REPORTS TO: ULPSU Vice President Academic Research

CONTRACT TYPE: Fixed Term (12-month fixed-term contract for 10 hours per week)

SALARY SCALE: Minimum wage + €2 per hour

Job description, duties, and responsibilities:

ULPSU’s PhD and Research Officer is a part-time employee role. ULPSU recognises that PhD candidates and research students experience a unique set of issues that require attention, including but not limited to employment and contractual disputes with the university, lack of teacher training, difficulties accessing research funding, issues with research progression, problems with research supervision, and the use of their research time and labour on University research projects not linked to their PhD progression.

The PhD and Research Officer’s role is to support PhD candidates with their academic issues. They will also advise the PSU’s Sabbatical Officers, Council and Executive on policy issues around PhD candidate representation. For that reason, only PhD candidates are eligible to apply and hold this position after progression through at least one full year of PhD work and progression panel.

Job Description

  • In collaboration with the Vice President Academic Research, be a point of contact for postgraduate research students and tend to postgraduate research students’ academic issues and concerns such as student-supervisor issues, academic policy, grants and funding, academic calendar, and procedures.
  • Act as a liaison between the Union and the Graduate and Professional Studies unit on research matters.
  • Facilitate and attend meetings and conferences that relate to research and enhance the interest of the Union.
  • Co-chair the Research group of UL Postgraduate Forum, which comprises of different research groups from within the University. If a faculty does not have an existing group, it will be the role of the PhD & Research Officer to create the faculty groups and help to facilitate the group.
  • Encourage participation of postgraduate research students in ULPSU activities.
  • Work closely with the President, Vice President and events group of PSU Council in order to hold events for PhD candidates.
  • In collaboration with the President and Vice president Academic Research, review and monitor the implementation of policies and procedures developed by the University of Limerick such as Academic Regulations, Research Policy, Student Complaint Procedure and the Postgraduate Charter.
  • Be a member of UL research working groups and committees and act as a liaison between the Union and Office of the Vice President Academic Research.
  • Engage with teaching and research assistants as well as other postgraduate research employees in the university.
  • Collaborate with other postgraduate research associations, student unions and universities to promote research in alignment with the Unions’ goals and objectives.
  • Attend ULPSU Executive and Council meetings and present reports on work done in explicit and implicit form, including but not limited to goals, projects, achievements, issues, and recommendations.
  • Perform such other functions as the executive or council may determine.
  • If there is a conflict of interest the concession is that the VP Academic Research will take on that concern.

Required Criteria

  • Be a PhD candidate at the University of Limerick.
  • Have an understanding and knowledge of the academic research environment.
  • Show excellent leadership skills with the ability to take initiative, propose new ideas and challenge the status quo.
  • Be an excellent team player, with a willingness to be flexible, collegial, and collaborative.
  • Be proactive, student-oriented with the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse community of students, researchers, academics, and staff.
  • Work independently and as a part of a team.
  • Have excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and networking skills.
  • Be at least in the second year of their PhD programme.
  • Must have completed at least one Progression panel.

Please email your letter of interest and CV to with PhD and Research Officer in the subject line.

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