Postgraduate Campus Tour 2016/2017

If you were not able to make it to campus for the Orientation tour, here is a rundown of the places you would have been taken. The room numbers are included so you can find them again. Some of these locations have a video on the “Places for Postgraduates” page on this website.

Welcome to UL!

Student Health Centre                                                    CM-060

Student Counselling Centre                                        CM-073

Chaplaincy                                                                              Between Contemplative Centre and Bookshop

Accommodation Office                                                   Student Centre Courtyard, next to Contemplative Centre

Print Room                                                                              E1-006

Postgraduate Reading / Computer Rooms           A1-085 and A1-084

Millstream Common Room                                           Millstream building on right hand side                                                                                                                                          at the bottom of the Living Bridge

First Seven Weeks                                                               Student Centre Courtyard, next to Chaplaincy

Postgraduate Students’ Union                                    Stables Courtyard

Students’ Union                                                                   Students Centre (Between the bank and Spar)

Limerick Smarter Travel                                                  Tuesdays in the Student Centre Courtyard