Hi Folks!

I’m Jordan and I’m Your Communities Officer. Communities is about making sure everyone feels at home on campus, that everyone is welcomed feels as if they belong here. Communities also means helping members of our union to discover new communities in UL, and supporting them to develop and thrive through the help of their members.

I’ll be doing that job by working closely with Student Representation across a diverse range or priority areas; from the more ‘campus political’ Students’ Council, to the Governing body of Clubs and Societies; C&S Council, as well as with representatives from diverse backgrounds and experiences through our Student Life Executive Committee, thus ensuring that Plassey is a Campus of Communities for ALL Students.

I’m also working with higher-ups in the university, they genuinely want to hear what students have to say (usually) and it’s the job of Your Sabbatical Officers to make sure that happens, but we need Your help; So if You have an idea, a recurring issue, or something that You think should be done differently, please get involved in representation, and make sure we’re hearing from You and Your classmates.

If You need personal support or have any questions about anything to do with your time in UL, get in touch with our Student Information and Support Co-Ordinators.

And if You’ve read this far, please stay in touch with us on social media, you’re obviously interested in what we do!

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