What is an I Grade?

I grades are awarded to students who have not completed all of the requirements for a module and has submitted certifiable evidence of either:

I grades will NOT be awarded in response to a plea of pressure of work.

How Do I Request an I Grade?

I grades can only be requested via the Student Health CentreCounselling or Chaplaincy service.
You must bring the relevant module codes, and date and time of your exams when presenting to one of these services for an I grade. 

Only students who are registered for the current semester and have been instructed by a relevant professional may complete the online I grade application form. 


In the case of illness, you must ask your GP to complete an External Medical Certification Form, which must be submitted in person to the Student Health Centre, Counselling or Chaplaincy service unless the certificate states clearly that you are unable to do so. The certificate must:

Certificates must be presented within 5 working days of the relevant end-of-semester exams. You must give your consent for the relevant health service to seek clarification or verification from the certifying doctor, should they deem it necessary to do so. 

You should not attempt to sit your examination if you are unfit to do so. Undertaking part or all of an examination while you are unwell may prevent you from obtaining an I grade. 


Certification on the grounds of family bereavement must come via the chaplaincy/heath services and be presented within 5 working days of the relevant end-of-semester exams.

I Grade Committee

The University I Grade Committee that determines the awarding of I grades meets within 7 working days of the relevant end-of-semester exams. The committee comprises of:

You will be notified, first, as to whether or not your I grade request is being recommended to the I Grade Committee. 

Following approval from the committee, the Academic Registry will insert an I grade on your academic record and you will be notified by automated email. 

I grades must be cleared no later than the annual repeat period following the award of the I grade. An I grade in a module that is a required part of a student’s programme must be replaced by an appropriate academic grade prior to progression to the next year of study or graduation. 

Once you have received an I grade, you must immediately contact the academic staff member responsible for that module to determine how the outstanding requirements are to be completed.  If the academic staff member is unavailable, the student should contact the appropriate Head of Department for a decision.

Annual Repeats

Students who receive a second I grade for the same module(s) in the annual repeats (up to a maximum of four for those with two academic semesters and two modules for those with one academic semester) will be permitted to clear the module(s) on a link-in and uncapped basis during the following academic year. Students who receive an I grade for the first time in a module during the annual repeats will retain their original grade.

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