PSU Post-Graduate (Masters) Representative for the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Hi, my name is Damian Clancy and I am currently studying for my Masters in Law (General) having graduated with a law degree from Cardiff University in 1996 and my Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 1997.  I then practiced as a solicitor for approximately 20 years in Family Law in England & Wales.  I also qualified as an arbitrator in Divorce Law and was one of the first lawyers in England to qualify as an arbitrator in Children Act matters.  I have been a member of several prominent boards, sitting as Chair and Vice Chair and was partner in my own law firm running a busy practice.  I’m very approachable and quite well versed in making representations on behalf of others and would be happy to meet with you or correspond through email to assist where I can.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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