Aswathi Rajashekaran Nair

Hello! I’m Aswathi Rajashekaran Nair, I do have people butcher my name all the time so I go by the name Ash!😉😁 I’m 24 and I’m an international student from India.

I’m currently doing my Masters in Business Analytics at UL. I completed my undergraduate degree in Information Science Engineering and worked at Wipro as Project Engineer for over a year.

I tend to keep getting lost on the way to class but nevertheless I’m excited about my time here. I’m a very good listener. I’m a member of quite a few clubs at UL.
My role within the PSU is Equality Officer for LQBTQIA+ community. I hope to emphasize the importance of highlighting all voices within the UL community and work with my team in organising events and running campaigns to promote equality on campus.

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