GradeGrade DescriptorsQPVCredits Awarded
A1Outstanding Performance (first honours)4.00Yes
A2Excellent Performance (first honours)3.60Yes
B1Very Good Performance (honours 2.1)3.20Yes
B2Good Performance (honours 2.1)3.00Yes
B3Competent Performance (honours 2.2)2.80Yes
C1Satisfactory Performance (honours 2.2)2.60Yes
C2Acceptable Performance (third honours)2.40Yes
C3Minimally Acceptable Performance (third honours)2.00Yes
D1Weak Performance (compensating fail)1.60Yes
D2Poor Performance (compensating fail)1.20Yes
FFail (no compensation allowed)0.00No
NGFail (no compensation allowed)0.00No
Certified illness/immediate family crisisNo
MAwarded in cases of projects spanning multiple semesters or sequences of definitely linked modulesNo
PPass in a module taken on a pass/fail basisYes
NFailure in a module taken on a pass/fail basisNo

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