– Faculty Representatives from each academic faculty shall be elected at the AGM.

– Faculty representatives shall serve as post-graduate representatives on Faculty Boards as nominees of the Postgraduate Students’ Union.

– The Executive Committee shall be empowered to remove from office a faculty representative who regularly does not attend meetings of the committee(s) to which he/she was elected or appointed.

– The term of office of a Faculty representative is one calendar year.

– In the event of there being no Faculty Representative for a college, the PSU Vice President shall take on this role in addition to his normal duties

– They will sit on our council which meets 4 times a semester.

– They liaise with the President and Vice President during the department hubs that take place during the semester.

– They will act as the closest point of contact for our class reps, should any issues arise.

– One  of the elected Faculty Reps will be elected amongst themselves as the Faculties Officer on the PSU Executive.