Student Handbook

This student handbook contains information relating to your academic progression through the University, from Registration through to Assessment, Grades, Awards and other important items. Please read it thoroughly as it relates to the Agreement that you have signed at enrollment to be bound by the University’s academic regulations, code of conduct and procedures. Use the […]

Events for Postgraduate Students

Postgrad Month  Week 3 Winners 5 Km Walk Well done to everyone who has taken the 5km challenge this week, we are delighted with the amount of people sending us screenshots of their success! The Winner of the 5km Challenge this week is: Aicha Daoudi PSU International Cook-Off We have some amazing chef’s in our […]

UL Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies are… plain and simple an excuse to have FUN AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS and in doing so maybe try exciting new activities or to compete in the top sporting intercollegiate competitions in Ireland and overseas. The beauty and strength of Clubs & Societies is that they are run voluntarily by your fellow […]

I Grade Process

What is an I Grade? I grades are awarded to students who have not completed all of the requirements for a module and has submitted certifiable evidence of either: Medical/psychological illness, or Immediate family crisis where the presence of the student is indispensible. I grades will NOT be awarded in response to a plea of pressure of work. How […]

Grade Recheck & Appealing a Recheck

If you believe your grade in a module has been recorded incorrectly, you can request a recheck of your grade within two weeks of the results becoming available. To request a recheck: Complete the Recheck Form and submit it to the Academic Registry via Student Hub Online. We will then phone you to process your card payment for the €25 deposit which […]

Academic Grades Explained

Grade Grade Descriptors QPV Credits Awarded A1 Outstanding Performance (first honours) 4.00 Yes A2 Excellent Performance (first honours) 3.60 Yes B1 Very Good Performance (honours 2.1) 3.20 Yes B2 Good Performance (honours 2.1) 3.00 Yes B3 Competent Performance (honours 2.2) 2.80 Yes C1 Satisfactory Performance (honours 2.2) 2.60 Yes C2 Acceptable Performance (third honours) 2.40 Yes C3 Minimally Acceptable Performance (third honours) 2.00 […]

Dignity & Respect

The University of Limerick is committed to the development and the maintenance of a positive working environment, in which all members are treated with dignity & respect. In pursuit of this, it is the policy of the University to provide all members with an environment, which is free from bullying, harassment or victimisation of any […]

Student Complaints

Your experience as a student at the University of Limerick (UL) is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to providing a high-quality experience at all times and in all areas and activities. However, if you ever feel that the quality of academic or service delivery falls short of what may reasonably be […]

Food in Ireland

You won’t go hungry or thirsty in Ireland, though you may well work up an appetite for its cuisine as well as a taste for its unique passion when it comes to honest to goodness food! Ireland’s new cosmopolitan and multi-cultural society is responsible for the diverse and mouth-watering dishes now available in a multitude […]