PSU Team

President – Roger Dsilva

Hello, I am Roger, your Postgraduate Students’ Union President.

Vice President Academic – Benita Benjamin Victor

Hi, I’m Benita and I am your Postgraduate Students’ Union Vice President Academic.

Vice President Engagement – Edana Flynn

Hello, I am Edana, your Postgraduate Students’ Union Vice President Engagement.

PhD and Research Officer – Cliodhna Condon

ULPSU Executive & Council Team 2022/2023

(23/24 team elected at the AGM)

Our team members are here to offer you the best experience at UL but equally, we are here to help you with any challenges you may encounter. Each of the roles on the Executive and Council team has different functions and based on your concern or idea you would like to share, you can contact the relevant officer.


NB. This year’s Executive and Council were elected on September 28, 2022. Their details will be posted soon. Watch this space!

Chairperson of Council – Damian Clancy

Publicity Officer – Matsaseng Ralkoala

Equality Officer – Naga Sarvani Bavisetty

Faculty Officer – Fisayo Alo

Publicity Team

Marketing and Promotions Rep – Jivtej Anand

Campaigns Rep – Ken Mooney

Events Rep – Ashley George

Technical Reps – Aditya Swan and Karthik Kashyap

Equality Team

Enablement Rep – Blessing Olamide Owoeye


International Rep – ShravyaShree Narayana Murthy

Environmental Rep – Benita Benjamin

Faculty Team (Taught)

AHSS – Fisayo Alo

EHS – 

KBS – Roger Dsilva

S&E – Jose Isaac Christy

PhD Team

AHSS – Michael Gray

EHS – Meghan Gilfoyle


S&E – Sivasubramanian Murugappan

Council Members

Council Member 1 – Jeremy Pili

Council Member 2 – Ken Mooney

Additional Members

UL Student Life Officer – Ronan Cahill

C&S Officer – Katie Martin

PSU Secretary General – Aimée McKenzie (staff)

Aimée McKenzie                                 Secretary General                                  VIEW PROFILE



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